Riverdale Mosaic


Riverdale Mosaic

Lowes Tile Riverdale Mosaic is available in a 12 x 12 sheet in a grey decorative pattern.


Bring the natural beauty of a slate design to your home with Verdiana; a natural slate inspired design with a cooling color palette that will transform your indoor or outdoor design into an inviting space. This rustic yet trendy interpretation of slate will take your design plans to a new level.
  • Premium porcelain old world tile; designed in Italy and made in the USA

  • Made from natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals, tile makes your home healthy

  • No need to seal porcelain tile; this tile is stain resistant and scratch resistant; pet friendly

  • Great for any application in the house: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, basements, showers and even walls; can you be used indoor and outdoor; great accent tile to finish off any job

  • Install using sanded grout with a recommended 1/8th grout joint

  • Easy to clean and maintain; use clear, clean water to maintain your tile; if you need to use something stronger it is suggested to use a neutral cleaner made specifically for tile or a mildly alkaline detergent

  • Durable, long lasting and will increase the value of your investment

  • 10 Pieces per carton and approximately 38-lbs per carton